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After helping my friend Veronica getting her new car she wanted to treat me to dinner. She wanted me to pick the restaurant. Initially we thought of a Thai and Jap restaurant in Florence. We just finished the Christmas lunches, dinners with family and we just needed a change from the usual Tuscan cooking. Plus I am pretty fussy once it comes to food. Once you hit the age of 30 your body just changes and to loose those extra pounds or kilos it takes years. Since I try to work out at least one hour a day, the intake of calories that goes into my body must be delicious calories. If they are not I am just like kids and will just become grumpy and turn my face away with disgust. That grumpy side of myself transforms once I realise the amount of workout that I have to dedicate the next day to burn off everything. I am as not lucky as my friend Veronica, who can eat as much as she wants and won’t gain one single pound. Veronica is blond, tall, skinny, beautiful, is really nice and kind, you just can’t hate her. I still can vision her while eating that pistachio mousse, I was envying every single bite she took as she had not remorse in eating it.


As we were both running late and the fog was just growing and glowing we thought best to stay close by and not drive too far. It was the wisest and best decision ever. We ended up eating at I Mal’Avvezzi a small and cosy wine bar\restaurant. On the other hand I took the worst decision ever on the decision of the shoes to wear. I just recently bought a pair of amazing Prada shoes. They are slightly too big. I already had the shoes on and the options were walk the streets with no shoes and freeze my toes or wear the shoes and act normal and pretend that I only had a hip replacement to be done. I looked like a drunk girl in pain. I don’t have pictures of those embarrassing moments, but I promise I will start taking photos of those kodak moments and will post them.

Getting back to the amazing Mal’Avvezzi, the staff was super friendly and very helpful. the food was amazing. Initially I decided to not eat typical Tuscan dishes, at the end I actually ordered something very Tuscan: Cinghiale (Wild Boar). The type of pasta though is not typical of Tuscany but from the south of Italy, Paccheri al Cinghiale. To be more specific it was a Tuscan dish with a twist, Paccheri with Wild Boar sauce on a bed of the King Fondu. Veronica went for the filled pasta with shallots and Salva cheese and the sauce was a lovely butter and sage. After the pasta I was already thinking of dessert, having a sweet tooth, Veronica on the other hand had a different plan. She was still fancying something savoury and we decided to share a potato flan. It was a great choice. I have a lovely glass of Red wine and they suggested to me that I should have a DOCG Carmignano 2012 il Sasso of Mauro Vannucci. The only thing I can add to the wine is that it was an amazing pare for my wild boar. Can I actually describe the wine? Unfortunately no as I was more focused on girls talk.
The desserts we ordered were a pistachio mousse and a hot chocolate heart cake. Both amazing, although my favourite was the pistachio one. Not that one is better than the other but I really love pistachios.



I highly recommend this restaurant the food is amazing, the wine list is outstanding and the staff very friendly. This little charming pearl is in Tavarnuzze (Impruneta). Their website best to reserve a table as the location is small and is a happening place.


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