Coronas caffe’

| Feb, 22, 2016 |

Best coffee in Florence is in this Bar, well at least for me. When my friends Justyna and Pasquale come and visit me, we always stop here for coffee.
It is central and is on via dei Calzaiuoli 72/r. It is one of the roads that from the Duomo it goes towards piazza Signoria. It is always very busy also because we are not the only ones that love their coffee. The staff is always very polite and nice. Of course you are not really able to talk to them for that long as they are busy making so many coffees and cappuccino’s.
One of my little fury babies was with me last time.
Paddy is a Border Collie and is working dog and when she is in a bar her job is to eat anything off the floor.
If you are in that area believe me you really need to taste their espresso.


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