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Fattoria Bagnolo is in the Chianti hills of Florence. The village where it is located is called Impruneta. There is actually a bus from Florence to Impruneta. If you are like me, that I wouldn’t feel like driving in another country, then you have your answer here. This is a great way to visit Tuscany without having to rent a car.

This magical farm is owned by Marco Bartolini Bandelli. Of course they produce wine and extra virgin olive oil. Of course I love their wines but on this occasion I would like to concentrate on one of the best olive oils I have tasted of vintage 2015. At the moment that is the last vintage you can find on the market.
Marco and his employees take great care of the olive trees. I would like to add just a couple of words about the olive trees. The olive tree is an all green tree so it never goes dormant, which makes it more sensitive to cold climates. The tree doesn’t like going below 10 degrees celsius. The harvesting period in Tuscany for the olives to make extra virgin olive oil is November, December.
Everybody was waiting the 2015 with such joy as the 2014 was terrible. So during the period of the harvest I was at Marco’s estate doing a wine tour with a group and finally tasted the olive oil. I absolutely fell in love with his oil.


I am writing this post from Toronto and brought with me his olive oil and would like to share the tasting I did.
The oil has flavours of artichokes and olives, it has a slight peppery note to it. It is smooth and delicate but with character. While tasting it, it brings back memories of the Tuscan hills and of the sun filtrating through the branches of the olive trees. It is not only a burst of delicious flavours on your palate but also a burst of emotions to your heart and soul.

If you wish to stop by to taste and buy Marco’s products you can send him an email to marco@bartolinibaldelli.it or you can call him on his land line (+39) 055 2313403.
He is fun to spend time with. He loves talking and he loves sharing his knowledge and his passion.

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