Ghost village in Tuscany

| Feb, 22, 2016 |

In the province of Lucca there is a magical place called Garfagnana. It is a bit different from what you immagine Tuscany to be. It is more mountainous and the landscape is a bit more dramatic. Is it beautiful? Definitely, yes! Is it worth to visit? Absolutely! When I have less work I always try to go and visit. In the area there is an artificial lake called Lago di Vagli. The artificial lake was created when a dam was built for hydroelectric purposes. They started in 1947 and took about 6 years to build it. The lake submerged the village of Fabbriche di Careggine in 1947, which is today also known as the Ghost village. The village re-emerges approximately every 10 years as the hydroelectric company ENEL has to carry out maintenance work on the dam.
The village dates back to the XIII century. The life of the village started with a group of iron workers of Brescia. They started having fortune when the duca Francesco III d’Este decided to have via Vandelli built. This road connected Modena to Massa going through la Garfagnana. Fabbriche di Careggine had a florid period when this happened as the road passed through the village. The building of the road started in 1738 and were finished more less in 1751. We can actually say that this was the 1st real Italian road where carriages managed to travel on. Also this road as the village carries many ghost stories. Initially the road was for business purposes but then also for military purposes until also the robbers started using it. One of the many stories is of a group of merchants that were traveling to Massa to buy salt. They ended up in a blizzard so had to find where to protect themselves and went in a valley. Unfortunately there was an avalanche and they all died. Still to this day when it snows people say they hear the cries of the men and the cries of the horses and animals that were with them.
The photo is the lake of vagli as I will be taking pictures this year of the ghost village.

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