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It is very close by to the Sant’Ambrogio market in Florence. This lovely little spot full of delicious different types of bread and fillings is in Borgo la Croce. The owner every day makes his own bread using his mother yeast made from goat rennet. It is a very old mother yeast. It comes all the way from Romania where the owner comes from. The inside of the shop is very cozy and warm. You get to pick the type of bread and the filling for your pannino. He is part of slow food. The ingredients are all high quality and from small producers. The vegetables that you put in your pannino are fresh grilled veggies that are in season.
My Doctor is very close by this shop and that is how I discovered it. Olga my doctor has to weigh me every time I see her. It is always slightly after lunch time that I see her. Of course knowing she has to weigh me I skip lunch. Once she is done weighing me taking measurements, blood pressure. I run to Ke ci metto to find it open and grab a pannino. Would Olga agree with my behaviour probably yes. She is the best doctor ever. I see this stop as a treat for my hard work on not putting any kilos on.


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