La Cantina del Gelato

| Feb, 23, 2016 |

La cantina del gelato, which literally means the Gelato cellar. It is artisanal gelateria, made with fresh fruits and high quality ingredients. They not only make gelato but you can also find smoothies, fruit juices and during the summer period my absolutely favourite granita. I had the best granita ever in this location. Of course there gelato is amazing as well. So depending on the period I pick something different each time. Since it is artisanal gelato you will not see the gelato because they are covered with lids so they don’t oxides changing colour and flavour. Whenever you see those big piles of gelato stay away. They are very inviting to the eye but believe me the artisanal tend to keep them always covered.
They have 2 locations and one of them is in my favourite spot of Florence, Borgo la Croce.
Padme (my Border Collie) and I are creatures of habit so she likes walking in that area of Florence and I like eating in certain places in that area.



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