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Italy is known for espresso coffees in the small little shot cups. I drink both depending on the time of the day. If you are not a coffee consumer but a tea person or are just like me then this shop is for you. I still haven’t ventured to their tea rooms but I will soon.

The region of Tuscany and consequently the city of Florence, have been a second home if not in some cases 1st to many British people. What are Brits famous for? To solve all their problems with a hot cup of Tea. That is why I love them so much.

The shop La Via del Te’ is in a little side street of Piazza Signoria. It is not crowded and has a positive vibe. Once you walk inside the shop you will feel like a small child in a candy shop. You would like to try them all.
The Tea shop is in via della Condotta number 26/28 r. The girl that works there is a delight and always has a smile for you. She is very helpful and always has a hot tea for you to taste.
I went to get some teas for my sister and friends in Toronto as I am going there in few days time and will stay there for a bit. The 1st one I picked was Ninna Nanna. This is an Herbal tea for your soul. It has an amazing smell and flavours and is the best thing ever to help you sleep. Bear in mind 1 cup before bed is more than sufficient if not you will end up like me. The 1st time I bought Ninna Nanna I decided to have several cups, which helped initially to fall asleep but during the night I kept waking up to go to the bathroom.
Going to Canada I wanted to bring something also from here. The shop has Florence tea blends. The names of those teas are of course related to the city of Florence:

101 The legend of Boboli (Boboli are the famous gardens of Pitti Palace)

102 The secret of dei Medici (dei Medici historically most famous family of Florence)

103 Santa Maria del Fiore (the Duomo)

104 Appointment on Ponte Vecchio (this one makes me think of a romantic meeting of 2 lovers on the most famous bridge of the world)

105 Mystery of Venus (Venus of Botticelli, which is in the Uffizi gallery)

106 Michelangelo’s dream


These teas are connected to places and important characters of Florence. I’ve tried them all and probably my favourite is Santa Maria del Fiore. They also have a gift box with each type of the Florentine blend. What an amazing gift.

The shop is very well organised, you can look at the list of teas and smell each type. They also carry many different type of cups and tea pots.

The Tea rooms:
One is in Piazza Ghiberti 22/23 r, and the other one is in via Santo Spirito II
The website is

If you like tea you have to stop and have a look.



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