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Osteria le Panzanelle is in Lucarelli (Radda in Chianti). It is my absolutely favourite restaurant in Chianti. The owners are all friends, the chef is amazing and the staff is super friendly and very helpful.
In the summer the outdoor area is charming and cosy. In the winter the indoors are warming and the typical Tuscan style surrounds you with grace.
The menu is made up of typical Tuscan dishes like wild boar, florentine steak, cold cuts and much more. Being inland, meat and vegetables are dominant. Fridays are very busy at le Panzanelle as the chef personally goes to pick at the market the best fish. So if you wish a fish evening then Friday is your night although you must book well in advance as it can be difficult to find space available. Fish night is an event night for all of us.

The wine list is outstanding and most wine producers go to the Panzanelle to dine.

Every time I go eat there something always happens. Once I went with a group of friends and once we were ready to leave and one of my friends couldn’t find his car keys. We spent 1 whole hour searching for the keys and the staff was helping us. After not having any luck, I said why don’t you take my car tomorrow to go to work and we will come back again tomorrow with sunlight to search better. At that point I put my hand in my purse to take out my keys and found that I also had his car keys. It was one of those moments where you pull out the most innocent smile and say upsy. To this day I don’t remember how the keys ended it up in purse.
Another time a couple that was sitting near our table ordered a bottle of San Giusto a Rentennano Chianti Classico Riserva. I wanted to tell them my friend here sitting with me is not only the owner but also the guy that made your wine. I felt like a child that wanted to share this piece of information with them and also adding he is sitting next to me.
So for me the Panzanelle is not only a place of great people and amazing food, it is a place of memories. Sometimes some memories are better than others. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a photo of me saying don’t leave your car keys next to this girl she is known for stealing them.

If you want a magical evening then this is your place.


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