Pizzeria Lo Spela

| Apr, 22, 2016 |



Last night my girlfriends and I went out for dinner. Our tradition is pizza and chats. We literally closed the restaurant. We had a lot to say.

I have heard many talk about this pizzeria. Especially because they use good quality flour milled by stone. The flour they use is of type 2, this flour is darker and coarser. The dough for the pizza goes through a long leavening. This makes the pizza a lot easier to digest.


I haven’t tasted the other dishes yet, so have to go back and eat more.

They have a great selection of artisanal beers. I am not a big beer consumer but my friends love beer and enjoyed what the waiter suggested them. I, on the other hand, had a lovely glass of red wine.

My pizza was 4 formaggi (4 cheeses). It was absolutely delicious. They use high quality products. Add that with a good Pizzaiolo then you get a delicious pizza.


After eating my pizza I decided to have a lovely glass of grappa. The grappa was clear and was very smooth. In Italy we normally have grappa after our meals to digest. I had it to make me sleep better.

The waiter is very knowledgeable and sweet. He will guide you through the menu and will explain you everything.

I would highly recommend an evening here.

Lo Spela – Pizza dal 1987

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