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This lovely little wine bar and truffle shop is in via Tornabuoni Florence. When I was teaching at a culinary school in the town centre of Florence, we would always take our students there especially for the truffles. We would explain them the differences between the truffles and then taste something with a glass of wine.
If you are truffle lovers then you need to stop and try their small truffle pannini, as well as buy some of their truffle products. You will find a large selection of Antinori’s wine as he is also the owner. Antinori is famous world wide for his wines.
I went there just before leaving for Canada. It was such a long time since the last time I was there, many things have changed in a good way. The inside has been renovated in a very tasty and classy way. There is a sort of fusion between past and present. The staff like always is amazing, all very sweet and you just feel pampered.
When we got there it was about 11:30 am. When they asked would you like to have a glass of wine with your pannino, I could hear Brian in the background saying no not for me. He was probably thinking it is too early to drink. I turned around and there was another table with two lovely ladies complaining about their husbands while having a glass of wine. So why couldn’t I do the same? I couldn’t totally do the same as Brian was with me. So Brian is my boyfriend. I had to find another argument to talk about. Since wine was going to be involved I thought best nothing too deep maybe New Year resolutions would work. Even better if they were my ones as Brian has been threatening to start working out since I started dating him. Never saw him use the rowing machine he bought years ago. For those that don’t know me we have been together for a long time, just to give you an idea. At the end Brian decided to have a glass of wine as well. We decided for Franciacorta rose that went perfectly well with the truffle pannino. I would highly recommend this place.

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