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| Mar, 18, 2018 |
blue cheese twist

Giacomo the cheesemonger is the best.  He has high quality cheese from different parts of Tuscany, Italy and for my delight also French and a few more countries. He is from Strada in Chianti and the business has been in the family for 4 generations. He started at the very young age of 16.


If you enjoy the market, love the country side and want an Italian experience then you must visit Giacomo. He personally selects all the many different varieties of cheese he sells. You can find sheep cheese, goat cheese, cow cheese and he also has an amazing yogurt plus other delicious products. His favourite cheese? Is blue cheese. Visiting Giacomo is an experience not only for the high-quality products he has but also because you will enjoy the local feeling. There is always happiness and laughter at his cheese truck. You will probably find his friends there, buying cheese and taking advantage of spending 5 minutes having fun. You might find me as well, as whenever I happen to be at the market I bring him coffee and love teasing him. Giacomo always welcomes everyone with a huge smile and a warm Buongiorno. Dogs love him because he always has a treat for them. Padme, my Border Collie, likes it when we go say hello and she always gets a piece of parmesan.

For my cooking classes and dinners, I buy most dairy products from him.

You can find Giacomo at the following markets:

Tuesday morning from (8am to 1pmStrada in Chianti

Wednesday morning from (8am to 1pm) Tavarnuzze

Thursday morning from (8am to 1pm) Antella

Saturday morning from (8am to 1pm) Greve in Chianti

Sunday morning from (8am to 1pm) Panzano in Chianti

If you wish he can also ship to your home.

Giacomo Degl’innocenti


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