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| Mar, 06, 2017 |

Restaurant Badia Coltibuono

Restaurant Badia Coltibuono

lunch at Badia a Coltibuono

Badia Coltibuono is a place that for me is full of memories. I spent many years there and experienced all seasons. If you ever happen to be there during the winter months and it is snowing it looks magical.

The owner of the restaurant of Badia a Coltibuono, Paolo Stucchi, is a dear friend of mine. A few of his staff members I have known since I was a child. It is so nice to be able to go to a place and feel like at home. The outdoor area has an amazing view and is a peaceful heaven, which is lovely to enjoy during the warmer months. During the colder months, the indoor area is cozy and warmed by a romantic fireplace.

The restaurant, from this year, has decided to stay open during the autumn and a couple of winter months.

I went for lunch with friends a couple of months ago. The winter menu is extraordinary, I needed to taste some of the dishes proposed.

homemade pasta

pasta dish with pork ribs

The produce that Chef Roberto Nocentini and the sous chef Gerard la Torraca use are all local. They create many amazing dishes like Pappa al Pomodoro, which is a typical tuscan tomato bread soup made with tomatoes of the farm of Pereto. The home made pastas are prepared with Senatore Cappelli flour from the farm of Pereto. One of my favourite pastas is made with pork ribs, it is absolutely divine. The meats are again all local as well as the game used comes from the Chianti area. A special recipe is used to make the wild boar in dolceforte. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to taste it as it was not available the day I went and instead had a nice Bistecca which was amazing. I have a sweet tooth and love dessert and tasted their cheese cake, no words can describe how good it was.

wild boar in dolce forte

winter menu

For those visiting the area of Gaiole you should eat at the restaurant of Badia a


  • Robert Brueckner

    We went to Tuscany a few times. The first time we stayed at Castello di Spaltenna…, Gaiole. That was in 1996. We discovered Badia a Coltibuono and it was our favorite Restaurant. It still is.
    Later we rented some houses in the Eastern part of the Province , but we always had to come back and have dinner or lunch. A beautiful place..great food, just the right balance of everything, food, ambiance, service… we miss it.
    Occasionally we buy some of the oil which is sold at Whole Foods in the USA… Excellent!

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