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| Oct, 24, 2016 |

The meaning behind the name, four friends for a total of eight hands OTTO MANI

 It was by pure chance that a winemaker friend of mine mentioned to me about this winery close but to where I just moved. They are four friends who studied enology in Florence. During their studies they decided that the best way to learn was to put in practice the theory. In 2009 they had 3 hectares of vineyard today they have 10. Plus 1300 olive trees. They work organically although not certified.

They grow all local varieties an 80% of their vines are Sangiovese, which is the primary grape variety in Tuscany, the remaining varieties are Trebbiano, Malvasia, Canaiolo and Colorino.

To purchase the wine you must call them all details can be found on their website 

When I booked we had Leonardo greeting us. Those were the first 2 hands we met of the winery. Leonardo sat us in their wonderful garden under the olive tree and near amazing lemon trees. To my surprise the lemon tree was actually planted to the ground something I have never seen her in Tuscany. While Leonardo was telling us the story of Ottomani we would see new hands joining in. 

Ottomani Toscano Bianco IGT 2013

Trebbiano 60% and Malvasia 40%

The colour is a pale yellow, it is crystal clear.

The intense aromas are fruity like peaches, apples and pears.

The wine has a great acidity giving a particular freshness. The wine is very well balanced the body is light. The after taste recalls the nose very fruity and in particular Granny Smith apples. It has a long persistency and the flavours are intense on the palate. Great wine for a hot summers day and as an aperitivo.

Ottomani DOCG Chianti Colli Fiorentini

The colour is a light ruby red with a hint of an orange bricky tinge.

The intense aromas are of cherries, leather, mon cherry chocolates and wild strawberries.

The tannins are present and very well balanced with the freshness of the acidity and the warmth of the alcohol. The body is medium. It is a very intense and persistent wine. The after taste is a mixture of dark chocolate and dark cherries. It is an absolutely amazing Chianti. I can’t wait to call them to go buy more of it 😉

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