Vinile a cosy little restaurant in Mercatale Val di Pesa

| Mar, 13, 2017 |
menu of vinile

Il Vinile is a small cosy restaurant in the village of Mercatale Val di Pesa, this location gives you a warm feeling as if you were at home. My friends introduced me to the restaurant Vinile and I am glad they did. To find it was a bit of a challenge, but what is life without a treasure hunt? Especially if you are hungry the hunt becomes more exciting and you put all your remaining energy to find it as you know that you will refill once there. The 1st thing you notice is the beautiful cosy outdoor area with tables surrounded by trees. I can’t wait for the summer to arrive and to be able to enjoy the feeling of the warm evenings sitting outside enjoying a bottle of wine with dinner.


Vinile restaurant in Mercatale cosy

vinile panzanella and crostini appetizer

vinile restaurants in Mercatale appetizers

vinile tartare appetizers

vinile restaurant in mercatale val di pesa

Amen hamburger with milk bun

Their menu is special; they are famous for their hamburgers. They also have typical Tuscan appetisers like panzanella, pappa al Pomodoro, beef tartare etc… I tasted a mix of their appetisers and they were divine but my favourite thing was the Amen hamburger. There are many types of burgers starting from the most traditional beef burger, then to the pork and to the veggie one. There is for all types of palates. You can decide if you wish to have the burger either with Tuscan bread or the regular milk bun. They also have gluten free bread for who is allergic to gluten.


The wine list is small but most importantly it has good wines from small local producers. The meats and cold cuts are purchased from the butcher in San Donato in Poggio.


If you want to have a different experience from your usual pappardelle with wild boar and bistecca alla fiorentina this place is worth it. To enjoy a restaurant not only the food has to be good as well as the service and people that work there but also remember life is too short to share your time with people you don’t like. I am lucky as I love my friends and they are all amazing.


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